Choose Your Motivation

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Choose Your Motivation

We all are motivated by something, every single one of us.


Motivation is what pushes us forward (or sometimes even backwards) in every single thing we do as red-blooded human beings.


Each and every one of us are motivated by a multitude of different things, but they almost always fall into one of two areas…


Proactive or reactive.


That is, intrinsic or extrinsic.


Let’s discuss the latter first.


If you are extrinsically motivated, you may have a job you don’t particularly enjoy but it might allow you certain freedoms, such as having weekends off to spend with family and friends, being home early enough to pick your kids up from school, or simply allowing  you to pay rent or a mortgage.


Intrinsic motivation comes from passion, purpose and doing something that truly rocks your world. As an example, this could be learning to play the guitar because you want to be the next Jimi Hendrix, or learning how to surf because you want to be the next Kelly Slater.


Multiple studies tell us that people who live their lives with mostly intrinsic motivations generally stay the course and feel much greater fulfilment in whatever they chose to do.


For myself, motivation comes in a few different forms.


People with my disability, Spina Bifida, are prone to a lot of different issues which, in a lot of cases, if not dealt with, can lead to an early grave, so my number one motivation is to make sure I live as active and healthy a life as I possibly can to make sure I’m around for as long as possible for my wife and son. It does help that I absolutely love going to the gym and smashing out a big session. You’ll find me in the gym every morning, 5 mornings a week doing my thing and generally sweating my butt off!


I am also extremely lucky that I run a business I love. Not only do I get the opportunity to impact the world around me by publicly speaking about the things I am passionate about; motivation, passion, purpose, accessibility and inclusion, I also get to make a difference for others in similar situations to my own.


As a person with a disability myself, there is no more important cause (aside from being the best dad I can) than talking to businesses and community organisations about the one in five people in Australia that identify as having some form of disability, and in turn trying to make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for people like me and 18 million other global citizens living with disabilities.


So my question to you Is, what drives you? What are the things in life which keep you motivated and propel you forwards?


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