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Welcome to InvincAble – Your Gateway to Empowerment and Diversity!

Discover passion and purpose with InvincAble, an organisation committed to fostering personal growth while championing accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and education.

Founded by Natasha Price and Adam Sheppard, also known as Team InvincAble, our award-winning programs are designed to motivate, inspire, and bring about positive change.

🌟 Our Programs:

**Live InvincAble: Embrace Your Challenges to Adapt & Overcome**                                        Unlock your potential by getting outside your comfort zone, embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

💼 Our Services:

**Motivational Speaking**

  - Engage and inspire your audience with our dynamic motivational and inspirational speakers.

**Custom Diversity & Inclusion Training**

  - Tailored programs to foster a diversity, inclusion and disability allyship.

**Team Building Events**

  - Strengthen your team with InvincAble’s unique engaging and impactful events.

**Lived Experience Accessibility and Inclusion Consulting**

  - Ensure your event or organisation is accessible and inclusive to all. Specialising in adventure tourism, leisure, recreation and sport.

📢 Join us in advocating for positive change in diversity and inclusion globally. Empower your team, embrace challenges, and let InvincAble be your partner on the journey to meaningful impact.

Ready to transform? 

Contact us today to elevate your organisation and embrace the power of diversity and inclusion!

What people say about Team InvincAble

Great engagement and awareness.

Ellie Folley-Lewis
Volunteering Gold Coast

It was open, honest and about life experiences. The interactive activity reminded everyone not to assume anything about people and their circumstances. I would recommend to others, especially youth.

Surf Lifesaving QLD, Point Danger Branch

Two amazing individuals who are both paralysed from different circumstances. Listening to their stories of overcoming adversity to live their lives as normal as possible. I attended to start a journey to find my "WHY", my purpose, why I am here, to become the best version of myself. It's going to be tough, but it's going to be rewarding. No more bullshit. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Attendee, Gold Coast

The presenters made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. I feel it was well balanced and I enjoyed the whole thing. The interactive activities easily got the message across. don't assume!

Surf Lifesaving QLD, Point Danger Branch

I attended Tash and Adams' Line InvincAble course and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who feels unmotivated, stuck in life, procrastinating and needs some inspiration to set goals and achieve the life of their dreams. They have both overcome huge adversity and challenges, yet are positive, motivated and achieving their goals. The workshop was amazing and gave me the tools and confidence to work through any struggles I face in life.

Mandy Coates
Business Owner, Gold Coast

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