Two Cripples, One Pair of Legs Podcast

Welcome to the Two Cripples, One Pair of Legs Podcast, where every fortnight your hosts Adam Sheppard and Natasha Price (aka Team InvincAble) take a long hard look at the world through the eyes of two people who believe in grabbing life by the balls and squeezing tighter then Borat into a Mankini!

The good, the bad, the often cringeworthy but, most importantly, the hilarity that can and often does ensue.

If you’re looking for fluffy sunshine and rainbows, My little pony meets Care Bears type of purity, you’ve probably come to the wrong place

If you’re after good conversation, warped humour, quick wit, a touch of sarcasm and two proud people with disabilities, with a no holds barred, leave no stump unturned outlook on life, welcome home…

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