InvincAble A.I.D.E. Diversity & Inclusion Workshop (face-to-face)


A Lived Experience Approach to Diversity & Inclusion Training

About this event

As a team, co-founders of InvincAble, Natasha Price and Adam Sheppard, have nearly 60 years lived experience and over 30 years work experience in the field of disability between them.

Whilst there are many programs out there dealing with the legalities and guidelines surrounding inclusion and accessibility, often these courses do not deal with the realities of disability.

These 5 hour workshops were created in order to help build awareness and understanding of what it is like to live with disability, as well as tackle some important topics within the area of diversity and inclusion, including:

  • equity v equality,
  • unconscious bias,
  • prejudice,
  • how to be an ally of the disabled community.

By putting participants at ease with their personable personalities, Team InvincAble offer a memorable and interactive course in which graduates leave, not only with a less stereotypical idea of what disability actually looks like, but also with a greater knowledge of the issues faced by the 1 in 5 people that live with disability.

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InvincAble A.I.D.E. Workbook – your ultimate guide to helping you develop a deeper understanding and awareness of inclusion and unconscious biases that exist all around us. Retail price $26 but free to all attendees.

Membership of the InvincAble A.I.D.E. members only Facebook group for ongoing support and development.

Refreshments will be available for those late morning, pre-lunch munchies to keep you hydrated and energised throughout the event. There is a cafe on-site for those wishing something more substantial (they provide great coffee too by all accounts!).

This is to register for face-to-face tickets but is a hybrid event, so if you wish to register for the online event, please visit



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